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Corporate Responsibility

Rice feeds the world. It is grown by more people than any other crop. The world needs rice and GRAMS is proud to be involved.

Our Commitment

Grams Evaluation Lab works to solve real world problems, automate redundant tasks, provide intelligent analysis, mitigate chances of human error and make your work day easier using image processing algorithms and techniques.
Built by a team researchers and engineers working on the state of the art technologies in the agricultural, consumer and industrial sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative solutions and products with impeccable design which are easy to use and solve real world problems.
Our flagship GRAMS 360 system is a revolutionary, state of the art grain analysis system specifically designed for the rice mill owners and rice exporters.

4 Pillars of Corporate Responsibility

1) Environmental Sustainability. GRAMS works hard to have a small environmental foot print, including an almost entirely paperless office and aggressive recycling programs.

2) Community. GRAMS is helping to build a hunger-free world through supporting food programs.

3) Quality. GRAMS is committed to offering the highest quality products and customer service.

4) Corporate Ethics. GRAMS will treat its customers, employees and partners with fairness and honesty.