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Rice is the most important crop in the world. Directly feeding more people than any other crop. …………………………………………. On the planet.

Our journey began three years ago,

 when we realized there was an easier and more efficient way to measure rice quality.

We set out to revolutionize, simplify, and automate the rice industry with GRAMS 360.

GRAMS 360 is specifically designed for rice industry professionals, such as farmers, millers, exporters, buyers, and traders.

Grams Evaluation Labs is dedicated to creating automation software that simplifies your business, saves you time, increases your profit, eliminates the risk of human error, and allows you to focus on providing the highest quality product for your customers.

We created our state of the art rice segmentation algorithms that read high resolution images from a rice grain sample. In seconds, with one click, you can analyze a rice grain sample for quality control at any time during your milling process.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative solutions and products with impeccable design which are easy to use and solve real world problems.

We are a team of researchers and engineers working on state of the art technologies in the agricultural, consumer, and industrial sectors