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What is GRAMS 360?

Our flagship GRAMS 360 system is a revolutionary, state of the art rice analysis system. It is highly accurate, easy to use, and saves you time and money while reducing risk of a human error. Measure length and many other parameters in a single click.

Who is GRAMS Evaluation Labs?

GRAMS Evaluation Labs is a US-based company working to solve real world problems thought intelligent products.

Why does measuring rice quality matter?

The proportion of broken grain and the whiteness of the product are two major factors that determine the quality and value of rice. Accurate measures of rice size, color, and other factors help the  millers, farmers, buyers, and traders identify the particular quality of their rice before the sale.

How can GRAMS 360 help my bottom line?

Better rice testing means a better product. You can quickly measure hundreds of rice particles at a time using standard or customized calibrations.

What is customized calibration?

Rice quality measurements depend upon measuring against a standard. You can use a general standard or create your own customized standard based upon your needs.

How does the GRAMS 360 machine work?

Three easy steps: place the rice on the device, click on “measure” and read the results. Measurement results can be saved and sent.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote on GRAMS 360, click the link below.

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What is the product warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty and free, unlimited 24/7 tech support. In the rare instance a product needs to be returned for repair or replacement, we will pay the shipping cost and send back a replacement within 24 hours of receipt.

And, every GRAMS 360 machine ships with a warranty certificate.

How do I reach tech support?

GRAMS knows that you want to spend time on your business, not on managing your technology. We offer free, unlimited technical support 24/7.

Our tech support professionals are here to support you. Have questions about installation or using the product? We are ready to serve you.

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